Where Are They Now?

What are previous staff members up now since leaving the practice?


Andy Muckle


“I left Estcourt in 2014 and moved up with Becky and Isla to begin Ordination training for the Church of England at Mirfield in West Yorkshire, and as this was the first time I had ever lived north of the Thames, the change was a bit of a culture shock! Notably my daughter Isla very quickly developed a broad Yorkshire accent! The college I attended was attached to an Anglican Benedictine monastery and the two years there were incredibly interesting but also challenging and hard work for an old-un’ like me. However I managed to complete my theology degree and in June 2016 I was Ordained into the Church of England and appointed Assistant Curate in Gillingham and Milton-on-Stour (Dorset). One of the lovely things about the Ordination itself was sharing the day and being supported by some of my oldest friends from Estcourt, people I have worked alongside and been friends with for 20 years. Life as a Curate is busy and challenging every day but wonderfully fulfilling and it is a real privilege to share my ministry with and beĀ alongside people from all walks and stages of life.

God Bless

The Revd Andy Muckle”