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More and more of our clients are taking their pets abroad on holiday with them.

The process of getting a pet passport may seem initially complicated, but in fact since 1st January 2012 the regulations on pet travel and re-entry into the UK have been relaxed and the process is now more straightforward for pet owners. We are happy to talk you through the process and can offer all the advice you need to obtain a passport for your cat or dog. It is important to be aware that the Pet Passport Scheme was set up to prevent Rabies from entering the UK whilst allowing pet travel without quarantine. The process of getting a passport does not prevent your pet being exposed to other diseases whilst abroad which are not usually encountered in this country (such as leishmaniasis) to which our pet’s immune systems are completely naïve. We are able to offer advice on these other diseases and the additional vaccination and protection protocols which are available to travelling pets. Please see our links page at the bottom of the home page for more information on travelling with your pet.

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