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7 things your cat really wants from their holiday pet sitter

The purrrfect scenario for your cat’s summer holiday (the one they have when you go on yours) is a live-in butler taking care of their every need, while they nibble on a tuna platter and bask in the sunshine… #CatGoals

The more likely scenario is for a friend or family member to stay at your house or a neighbour who will pop in a few times a day. If you don’t have anyone to do this, a professional pet sitter in Wiltshire is another option.

To get the best holiday cat care and limit changes that could unsettle your feline friend, we surveyed a number of cats (may have been cat owners) in Devizes to find out what they really want from a pet sitter.

Before you go away, it’s wise to book a health check for your cat to ensure they’re ready for ‘their’ vacation.

Book a pre-holiday cat check-up

What your cat really wants from a pet sitter

According to our Devizes veterinary team’s findings, here are the seven top things your cat would benefit from when you’re away:

  1. Usual Meal Times (or as close as possible): This is so your cat knows when to arrive (probably from upstairs) for food. Keeping to their normal routine will reduce potential stress and encourage wanderers to come home at their normal hour.
  2. A Bowl of Tap Water or Rainwater: A fresh supply of your cat’s drink of choice is a must.
  3. Litter Trays Cleaned Daily: Especially important in warm weather to avoid flies laying eggs.
  4. Companionship & Cuddles: These can calm your cat when their favourite humans are away.
  5. Kitty Playtime: Let the sitter know what your cat likes to play with, and how, to keep your cat active and mentally stimulated.
  6. Wellbeing Checks: Did your cat come home for their evening meal? Do they have any obvious signs of discomfort or illness? Do they have a chunk missing from their tail following a cat fight – we’ve seen this many times… Your pet sitter can call us if they are concerned on 01380 723687.
  7. Vet Care: Give your sitter any current medication and instructions, as well as the details of our vet practice just in case a ‘cat-astrophe’ should occur!

If you don’t have anyone close you can ask to look after your cat while you’re away, you might be wondering how to choose a responsible pet sitter in Wiltshire? Your cat is most likely the centre of your universe, so you’ll feel better while you’re away if you know that someone trustworthy and knowledgeable is taking care of their needs. Our Devizes team recommend checking:

  • References: Can they provide contact details for other pet owners they have worked with?
  • Knowledge: The sitter should be able to spot signs of ill health and be aware of any specific issues. If your cat needs regular medication, they should be capable of administering it.
  • Quality Time: The person should be willing to offer adequate companionship.
  • Insurance: If your pet sitter is a professional, they should be insured so check their documents.

Feel free to call us on 01380 723687 if you would like any further advice about ensuring the best holiday care for your cat’s needs, and wants!

And remember to book a cat health check before you go away.

Book a pre-holiday cat check-up

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