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Estcourt Vets’ Guide to Finding Your Perfect Companion

Welcoming a new pet into your home is an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you’re considering a dog, cat, or a smaller pet, finding the perfect companion requires careful consideration and observation. In this guide from Estcourt Vets, we’ll explore the positive traits to look for in a new pet to ensure a happy and harmonious relationship for years to come.

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What to consider when choosing a new pet

Compatibility with your lifestyle & costs

When choosing a new pet, our Devizes vets and nurses stress the importance of compatibility with your lifestyle. Factors such as species, size, energy levels, grooming needs, and nutrition should align with your routine for a seamless fit. Remember, pets for children often become parental responsibilities. Consider all costs, including healthcare, housing, and insurance. Plus, how would a new pet fit in with any current pets? Our team are here to discuss the care needs of different pet species before you commit – reach out.

Where to get a new pet from

From dogs, cats, rabbits, small furies and even exotic pets, there’s an abundance of loveable pets just waiting to be adopted in Devizes and beyond. Professional rescue centres typically conduct home checks to ensure ideal pet-owner matches. Alternatively, opt for reputable breeders showcasing both mother & offspring in a caring environment and enquire about medical history and upbringing practices. Be cautious of breeders unwilling to provide necessary information – a red flag. Buying a small furry or an exotic pet from a pet shop? Check the shop’s reputation online and look for cleanliness and good practices in-store before you buy from them.

What to lookout for in a new pet

  1. Confidence & Sociability: A confident and sociable pet adapts well, interacts positively, and enjoys a fulfilling life. Look for curiosity, friendliness, and ease of interaction when choosing. Temperament and behaviour issues are crucial considerations.
  2. Good Health & Vitality: Our vets in Devizes recommend that you assess potential pets for health & vitality. Look for clear eyes, a shiny coat, and a healthy weight. Check for signs of alertness, energy, and enthusiasm. Ask about medical history and vaccinations too.
  3. Healthy Parents & Genetics: Consider the health and genetics of the pet’s parents, as they significantly influence the pet’s future wellbeing. Responsible breeders provide information about lineage and health screenings, ensuring a strong foundation for the pet’s health.
  4. Responsiveness to Training & Handling: Observe how they respond to training and handling during interactions. Look for signs of attentiveness and eagerness to learn. A pet who responds positively to training and handling is easier to bond with, teach new skills, and integrate into your life.

Finding the perfect pet requires a thoughtful assessment of various factors, so, take your time, do your research, and trust your instincts. And, we’re here to help if you’d like more advice – just get in touch!

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