Sat 1st Feb 2014

February Farmers News Letter

It seems ages since I last put pen to paper and wrote a newsletter…which is probably because it is ages! No excuses except to say pressure of work and other things in the last few months. I hope you all had a great festive season and that 2014 brings a peaceful and prosperous year.


DEFRA are becoming increasingly draconian in the way they treat those whose TB tests are not performed within the testing window. Many people are being advised that failure to complete a test within the specified dates has the potential to affect their Single Farm Payment. We would hate for any of our clients to be affected by such a decision, so we just want to encourage you to book your TB test with us as soon as you receive the official instruction from DEFRA.

We are however extremely busy at the moment and currently booking TB tests about 6 weeks in advance, so please ring us in good time and preferably when you receive your instruction. I would rather book the test well in advance than be in the position of having to advise you we are unable to do your test.

Thank you for your understanding.


So far so good, as I write this we have not received an audit. I am sure it will come at some point in the future. Should we be audited on a test, please remember that the Ministry are there to audit us and not you. However please also be aware that should an audit occur then the test is likely to take longer than normal.


There seems to be a persistent rumour that the legislation on Emergency on-farm slaughter has changed. This is NOT the case!

Emergency on-farm slaughter is allowed where an animal has suffered an accident – for example a broken leg. The animal has to be healthy and fit for human consumption and slaughter must take place as soon as possible after the accident. It is also a requirement that not only is a licenced slaughterman present but also a veterinary surgeon must be present at time of slaughter.

If you have any queries please contact one of us at the practice.


Back to TB again….

The current DEFRA computer system does not allow us to print TB test sheets from any test where the animals are under restriction (Short-Interval Tests, or a test where a reactor is disclosed). Therefore we cannot print a test chart for you in these circumstances.

As a matter of course for other tests we are not printing a copy of the test unless requested, so if you require a copy please mention it to us at the time of the test and we will be more than happy to print a copy.

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