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Sun 2nd Nov 2014

November is ‘Pet Diabetes Month!’


November is ‘Pet Diabetes Month’ and consequently the catch phrase being bandied about is “get your pet to ‘Take a Tinkle’!”

Here at Estcourt Vets we are helping to support this important campaign by providing FREE urine test strips that are available at the practice reception. The reason for this initiative is that unfortunately diabetes in pets is now extremely common with 1 in 200 suffering, including my own cat Tracy!

What is diabetes?

Normally sugar is digested from the food your pet eats and passes into the bloodstream; this provides the energy required by the body’s cells to function. In order for the sugar to pass from the blood into the cells, the hormone ‘insulin’ is required from the pancreas. If insulin is not produced or if the body’s cells stop responding to the insulin provided, then the pet becomes ‘diabetic’. The blood sugar levels remain high and the cells do not receive the sugar they require. The excess sugar in the blood then passes out into the urine, and as a result vets are able to check for the condition with a urine sample – hence the ‘Take a Tinkle’ message! Get a urine sample, pop the free urine test strip in and if the reading is negative for sugar then you can be sure your pet is free from diabetes.

What are the signs my pet could be diabetic?

The most commonly noticed signs are and increase in thirst and urination. The pet normally will have a very good appetite but despite this starts to lose weight and body condition. Frequently they become lethargic and their coat condition is seen to deteriorate. Dogs with diabetes will with time normally develop cataracts.

Can diabetes be cured?

Usually diabetes can be successfully managed rather than cured. Pets with diabetes can still lead a long and happy life if the condition is controlled (my cat Tracy has been managed for ten years now). However living with a diabetic pet does take commitment from owners and vets alike, but the earlier the diagnosis is made the more successful the outcome, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the free urine test strip from us!

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