Preventative Health Care

As well as treating animals when they are ill we offer a whole range of other services to keep your pets healthy.


We only use safe and effective vaccines at Estcourt Vets. Each animal receives a full and thorough health check performed by the vet prior to any vaccine being administered. This examination and contact with your vet is as important as the vaccine itself and is the ideal opportunity to discuss any areas of concern that you may have regarding your pet. For further information on vaccinations please contact us or see our advice page.

Parasite Prevention

Our animals are regularly exposed to a multitude of different parasites including Roundworms, Tapeworms, Lungworm, Fleas Ticks as well as various Mites and Lice! Knowing when and how is best to treat them can be very confusing and since many of these parasites can have human as well as animal health implications, being well informed is vital. Unfortunately many pet owners do not treat their pets adequately, often wasting money on ineffective over the counter products. For futher information on please contact us or see our advice page.


To provide permanent identification of your pet in case it becomes lost or stolen we can insert a small microchip implant under the skin on the back of your pet’s neck which can then be read by a scanning device. This is a cheap and simple procedure that can be performed in a standard consultation. Thousands of pets are quickly reunited with their owners thanks to their microchip! In April 2016 it became law for all dogs to be identified by microchip.


As well as preventing unwanted pregnancies neutering our pets can convey significant health benefits in many instances  and as a result is something that we strongly recommend. Please feel free to discuss this with one of our vets or nurses or see our advice page for further information.

Dental Health

Dental disease is unfortunately all too common, four out of five pets over the age of three are suffering from it! The bacteria which build up in the mouth have also been shown to spread through the circulation and can overwhelm the immune system. There are many ways to improve your pet’s oral hygiene, please make an appointment to see our vets or nurses to discuss this further and there is further information on our advice page. We also have the latest equipment for scaling and polishing of teeth and can also perform more complex forms of dental surgery if required.

Please don’t let them suffer, taking good care of your pet’s teeth means they will live a longer happier and healthier life.

Senior Pet Checks

Kidney disease, arthritis and dental disease are only some of the conditions that our pets have to contend with as they get older, and many conditions can go undetected for years without a proper examination. The treatments we can offer will alleviate pain and discomfort and improve quality of life in our pet’s later years. We recommend 6 monthly health checks for our older clients (that’s 8 years for dogs and 10 years for cats by the way!) please bring in a urine sample at the time of consultation if possible. Remember that detecting the early stages of disease significantly improves life expectancy as well as quality.

Weight Control

Do you think your pet could be a little bit overweight? Can you easily feel their ribs or see a waist? If not you are not alone! Obesity is the most common health condition in dogs and cats in the UK. Up to 50% of pets are above their ideal weight and unfortunately overweight pets live shorter lives. Even just a little extra weight (as little as 20%) can increase the risk of serious conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis cardiovascular and respiratory disease. If your are concerned you cannot easily feel your pets ribs or there is loss of an obvious waist, PLEASE let us help you with this!  Our vets and nutritional advisors can give you advice on slimming programmes and diets that are safe and actually work!

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