The History of Estcourt Vets

Our History: There has been a Veterinary Practice in Devizes at 5 Estcourt Street since 1897.

The history of our practice starts in 1987. In those days the Veterinary Surgeon was mainly dealing with farm animals and in particular horses. What is now our Hospital was a Smithy with Blacksmith shoeing horses.

In 1940, the Practice became known as Barnards after Geoff Barnard the Senior Partner. The next 40 years encapsulated the “James Herriot” days of veterinary practice. In 1983 after Geoff retired, the Practice was renamed Estcourt House Veterinary Surgeons and since then underwent several phases of modernisation including a new Hospital, reception and consulting rooms. In 2013 the Practice became Estcourt Vets Devizes.

The Practice now mainly deals with companion (small) animals with 6 Veterinary Surgeons consulting, supported by 5 nurses providing a 24-hour service 365 days a year.