24hr Emergency Vet Devizes

At Estcourt Vets, we are proud to offer our own 24-hour Emergency Service for our own registered and active clients*.


CALL US NOW ON 01380 723687


Not sure if you need to see a vet?

As a member of Estcourt Vets, you get FREE access to the Vidivet app, where you can chat with qualified vets and get a second opinion 24/7.


What to do in an emergency

  1. Stay calm so you can be the most help to your pet.
  2. Call us and a member of our team will advise you what to do next.
  3. If your pet has consumed or come into contact with anything toxic, keep any packaging and note the time and how much.

Call 01380 723687 to get emergency advice. You may be asked to come to our Devizes surgery straight away.

We’re at 5 Estcourt Street Devizes Wiltshire SN10 1LQ


Out of hours emergency vet 24/7

Should an emergency arise outside of our opening hours, our  team are here for you and your pets 24/7.

Call 01380 723687 and you will be transferred to the duty nurse. You may be asked to come to our Devizes surgery straight away or if appropriate, an appointment will be booked for you at our daytime surgery.

Learn more about our Emergency Pet Care service.


*If you are already registered at another practice, please contact their out of hours service. We will not be able to see unregistered clients except in the most serious emergency situations and an additional surcharge of £250 will be applied in addition to normal out of hours fees to provide this service.




Is it an emergency?

24 hour emergency

01380 723687

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