Preventative Care Essentials for Your Pet

Here are the list of essentials our team of vets and nurses recommend that all pet owners should invest in. We cover a lot of this information on dedicated webpages so have a read and explore more of our site for extra information.


To keep your pet healthy, it is essential you get them up to date with their vaccination course. At Estcourt Vets, we offer the most current vaccines for dogs, cats and rabbits – helping to protect your pet from some dangerous, and often fatal, diseases.

Learn more about our vaccinations here and use PetsApp or contact our clinic to get booked in .


The law surrounding dog microchips changed in 2016 and it is now a legal requirement for owners to microchip their dogs and to have them wear a collar with identity tag. It will soon be law to have cats microchipped, however because of their roaming nature it will always be a wise investment to microchip your cat in case they stray a little too far! We also recommend microchipping your rabbit, in case they escape from your garden and become lost.

Learn more about microchipping here and use PetsApp or chat to our reception team to book your own pet’s microchip appointment.

Worming, flea and tick prevention

Parasite prevention is important in keeping your pet safe from some terrible diseases. However, many of these can be transmissible to humans and if you have young children or anybody who is immunosuppressed in your household, it is extremely important you regularly treat your pet.

Learn more about parasite prevention on our dedicated webpage and book your pet in for a nurse consultation for further advice – contact us to book.


Your pet’s nutrition is directly linked to your pet’s wellbeing. Not only does a highly nutritious diet keep them full of energy for their daily lifestyle, it can also provide essential elements your pet needs to help keep their organs, joints and coat healthy. At Estcourt Vets, we sell a range of food that we recommend and our nurses will be able to advise you further on your individual pet and what they need daily.

We do have a webpage dedicated to your pet’s weight and nutrition so have a read and contact our team for more advice.

Nail clips & dental care

Nail clips keep your pet comfortable. Looking after their paws and nails allow them to keep exploring and moving around comfortably. Senior pets in particular, who may not have as much exercise to naturally wear their nails down, may need extra trims. Our nursing team happily perform nail clips during their nurse consultations so book your appointment now.

Implementing daily tooth brushing and calorie controlled dental chews will help keep your pet’s mouth in good condition and keep plaque, tartar build up and dental disease at bay. Learn more about home dental care on our dedicated page or take a look at our dental care page for what Estcourt Vets can treat in our clinic.

Exercise & enrichment

Regular exercise is an important part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle, whether that is daily walks for your dog, letting your cat roam, or setting up a large run for your rabbit/guinea pig. Getting your pet moving and exploring or providing them with enrichment toys, will keep them at a healthy weight and keep them happy! Chat to our nurses on how best to provide your pet with exercise and enrichment in their daily lifestyle. Get in touch.

Senior Pet Checks

Kidney disease, arthritis and dental disease are only some of the conditions that our pets have to contend with as they get older, and many conditions can go undetected for years without a proper examination. The treatments we can offer will alleviate pain and discomfort and improve quality of life in our pet’s later years. We recommend 6 monthly health checks for our older clients (that’s 8 years for dogs and 10 years for cats by the way!) please bring in a urine sample at the time of consultation if possible. Remember that detecting the early stages of disease significantly improves life expectancy as well as quality. Read more about senior pet care.

Weight Control

Do you think your pet could be a little bit overweight? Can you easily feel their ribs or see a waist? If not you are not alone! Obesity is the most common health condition in dogs and cats in the UK. Up to 50% of pets are above their ideal weight and unfortunately overweight pets live shorter lives. Even just a little extra weight (as little as 20%) can increase the risk of serious conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis cardiovascular and respiratory disease. If your are concerned you cannot easily feel your pets ribs or there is loss of an obvious waist, PLEASE let us help you with this!  Our vets and nutritional advisors can give you advice on slimming programmes and diets that are safe and actually work! Learn more about weight & nutrition for pets at Estcourt Vets.