Caring for your New Puppy or Kitten

Estcourt Vets understand just how lovely it can be to bring home your new puppy or kitten! No matter their breed, colouring or size, they are the newest member of your family and it is a very exciting time.

We have put together some information for new pet owners to help you give your new pet the best start in life. This is a mixture of healthcare, behavioural and administration advice – to discuss anything further with our team and to get your new pet registered, use the buttons below. You can also contact us via PetsApp.

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When your new puppy arrives home, you need to ensure you have the correct food for them. Usually the breeder will supply you with some food or will advise you on what they have been feeding. Our team always recommends a good quality diet. Virbac HPM (hyper premium diet) which is extremely palatable and contains a high-quality protein and a high protein low carbohydrate ratio.

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Vaccinations and microchipping should also be top of your list. Getting them microchipped will ensure that if they ever become lost or stolen, you have given them the best chance possible of being returned to you. Visit our microchipping page for more information . Vaccinations help protect your puppy from a number of potentially fatal diseases so making sure they are booked in for their vaccine course and health check is essential. More information on vaccines can be found here.

Worming your puppy is important to give them adequate protection against some nasty worms which can affect them and you. The breeder should have started their worming course but once they are rehomed, we always recommend a monthly worming tablet to protect the entire household from lungworm, roundworm and tapeworm. Households with young children or adults who are immunosuppressed need to be extra vigilant with parasite control – learn more here . Flea treatments should also be administered as either a tablet or a spot-on treatment – chat to our nurses about which is most appropriate for your puppy.

Neutering your puppy is another topic to think about. We have put together a neutering page to go through the procedure and benefits in more detail – learn more.

Socialisation and training for your puppy should be started as soon as possible. If you would like any advice on how to go about both of these, our nursing team will be happy to help – just get in touch!


Once you get your little kitten home, the first thing you need to make sure you have available is a good quality kitten food. Their breeder may have given you some to come home with, however Estcourt Vets recommends the Virbac HPM diet, which is an extremely palatable high protein diet.

The next thing on your list is to make sure they are registered with our practice and booked in for the microchip and vaccinations which are incredibly important in keeping your kitten healthy. Visit our vaccination page for more information on what we protect against and get them booked in from 9 weeks of age.

Microchipping your kitten, especially if you plan to let them roam, is an essential part of being reunited with them, should they stray or become lost. It also helps to put your mind at ease knowing that if your beloved pet was ever injured, you could be contacted quickly and easily. Visit our page on microchipping for more information.

Treating your kitten for worms and fleas will help to keep them healthy from the inside out. It also helps you to manage your household and keep it and your family free of parasitic infection or infestation. Families with young children and immunosuppressed individuals need to be especially vigilant with their kittens’ parasitic healthcare. Visit our page on parasite prevention for more details.

Neutering your kitten has many improved healthcare and behavioural benefits, as well as helping to control the UK’s ever growing stray cat population. We have a page dedicated to neutering but both males and females are sexually mature around 4 months old, so it is a decision to make soon after your kitten comes home.

Our nursing team will happily answer any questions you may have on kitten healthcare.


As a practice, Estcourt Vets wishes that your pet only needs to see us for boosters and minor issues. However, if your pet needs our help for a more extreme issue, it may be worth thinking early on about taking out a pet insurance policy. We cannot advise on companies and your policy is private between you and your insurance provider, however it may help you financially down the line if your pet requires expensive or long-term treatment. Always make sure you read the small print of any insurance policy and note that, as set out in our Practice Terms & Conditions, you are liable for any charges that accumulate on your pet’s account with us.

To allow you adequate time to research and make the correct choice with your pet’s insurance policy, Estcourt Vets can offer your puppy 4 weeks free insurance from the date of their first veterinary visit with us. Our reception team will be able to give you more information on this. To learn more about pet insurance, visit our dedicated webpage.

We also offer our Pet Health Club which allows you to spread the financial costs of your pet’s preventative healthcare (vaccines, flea and worming treatments, microchipping and health checks). Becoming a member of our healthcare club will also allow you to save 10% off of the costs of consultations, veterinary food, neutering and dental procedures. Contact our reception team for more information on how to sign up or you can sign up online here.