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Travel Clinic: Pet Travel Advice Has Now Been Updated:

From January 1st 2021, UK pet passports will no longer be accepted for animals travelling from the UK to the EU. Dogs, cats and ferrets travelling to the EU will now need to obtain a new Animal Health Certificate (AHC).

How to obtain an Animal Health Certificate?:

  • Your pet must be microchipped
  • Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. No other inoculations must have been given in the previous 2 weeks prior to the rabies vaccination being administered. Your pet must be over 12 weeks old to be rabies vaccinated. A rabies booster will be required after THREE years.
  • Your pet cannot travel until 21 days AFTER the rabies injection.
  • You will need to see the vet within 10 days of the date of travel to the EU to obtain an AHC. The AHC is only valid for 10days once issued so it is important to plan travel arrangements well in advance.
  • We will require evidence of a rabies vaccination. If your pet has a pet passport already or if we have given the rabies injection at the practice, then this will be sufficient proof. If this evidence is not available then you will be required to have a repeated rabies injection and a further 21 day wait for travel.
  • The new AHC is unfortunately a complex document. It is very time consuming to complete, check, copy and certify all the paperwork required, in addition to the time required to examine your pet. We request 24 hours to complete the documents so this must be factored into your travel arrangements.
  • Your AHC is valid for 10days for entry into the EU and 4 months for onward travel.
  • You will require an new AHC each time you want to travel to the EU.

What does it cost to get an AHC?:

The process is much more complex and time consuming that the previous pet passport system and this unfortunately has added to the costs involved.  The current cost is £155.60 per pet and this will be required every time that you want to take your pet to the EU.



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