Emergency Pet Care Service

At Estcourt Vets, we are proud to offer our own 24-hour Emergency Service for our registered and active clients.

If you are already registered at another practice, please contact their out of hours service. We will not be able to see unregistered clients except in the most serious emergency situations and an additional surcharge of £250 will be applied in addition to normal out of hours fees to provide this service.

CALL US NOW ON 01380 723687

  • We appreciate that it is always stressful when your pet falls ill which is why we have teamed up with Vidivet in order to provide free and personalised digital vet support 24/7 directly to your phone.
  • If an examination is deemed necessary, we hope it is comforting to know that Estcourt Vets are able to help. In an emergency just ring the normal practice phone number, 01380 723687, and you will be transferred to the duty nurse.
  • Our 24-hour service is operated by our dedicated daytime staff. We do not have overnight staff closely monitoring the patients throughout the night. Patients that require overnight hospitalisation will be continually monitored until the practice closes at 7pm and will then have a further check by the duty nurse at 10pm. If follow up checks are required this will be arranged by the on call team.
  • For critical patients that require more intensive overnight monitoring and care, we are able to arrange a transfer to Eastcott Referral Hospital in Swindon, who are able to offer specialist overnight care for our patients.
  • On rare occasions we may need to arrange for our out of hours care to be temporarily transferred to Nightingale Emergency Vets in Chippenham (operating out of the Hale Veterinary Hospital), calls to the normal practice number will be transferred directly should this be the case.


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