Surgical Treatments at Estcourt Vets

If your pet requires surgery, look no further than Estcourt Vets Devizes.

As an independent practice, you can have confidence that your pet will be examined, operated on, recovered and monitored by our experienced team of vets and nurses – all of whom you will be able to meet beforehand if you wish.

If you believe your pet may need surgical attention, or if someone you know is searching online for ‘dog surgery’ and they live in the Devizes area, let them know that our surgical referrals service would be perfect for them.

Some of the treatments we offer at Estcourt Vets are listed below:

● Routine procedures, such as neutering and lump removal
● Dental treatments
● Emergency surgical intervention as the result of an acute injury or illness
● Removal of foreign bodies
● Emergency caesareans
● Abdominal Surgery
● Eyelid surgery
● Skin tumour assessment and removal
● Traumatic wound repairs and reconstruction
● Orthopaedic surgeries including: Cruciate MMP surgery & Luxating Patella surgery

Chat to us to learn more about the treatments we offer.

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