Sat 14th Jan 2023

Bunny full of bounce? Learn how to make your rabbit happy

Is your rabbit a truly happy bunny? There are many ways in which you can provide added stimulation to really enrich your pet’s environment, which is why our head nurse at Estcourt Vets has put together these top tips.

If you still have questions about how you can improve your rabbit’s life or have concerns and would like to book a check-up at our Estcourt Street surgery – remember you can always talk to us.

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Top five life-enhancing tips for rabbits

1. Stimulating your rabbit’s mind

Rabbits need stimulation and the ability to express natural behaviours to stop boredom or stress setting in. Plastic tubing and cardboard rolls make great tunnels, while containers of soil allow them to practise their digging skills. We’d love to see your creations so please do post your photos on our Facebook page!

2. The perfect companion

Pet rabbits should always be kept in pairs, if possible, but if you have concerns about a pair leading to lots of little ones, please talk to us about neutering. It’s also important for your rabbit to interact with people from a young age. Familiarity with humans will help your rabbit develop into a confident, friendly adult.

3. A nutritional diet

It is important to feed your rabbit the correct diet to maintain digestive health and avoid dental problems. Their teeth grow continuously so they must chew enough fibre to prevent overgrowth. Feed your rabbit quality pellet food, a variety of fresh vegetables and high-quality hay. If you are unsure how much food your rabbit needs each day, you can bring them to see our vet nurses at Devizes for a weigh-in and to get nutritional advice.

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4. A safe and sufficient home

A cosy, safe hutch is the perfect place for your rabbit, or rabbits to sleep, but it should be accompanied by a run that’s big enough to allow them to complete at least three full hops and stand up comfortably. Remember, a hutch is not enough!

5. Chews and toys

Rabbits need to chew to keep their teeth in healthy condition but also as a form of enrichment and stimulation. Providing a range of ‘chewables’ in their environment is essential for both physical and mental health. Things like wooden balls, hanging toys, and even chewable tunnels they can play with are going to give your rabbit hours of fun!

6. Protect your pet

Rabbits should be vaccinated for Myxomatosis and VHD (Viral Haemorrhage Disease) every year. They can also pick up parasites, such as ear mites and fleas, both of which can easily be treated. Grooming your rabbit, cleaning their hutch regularly, and keeping their fur clean and dry is essential to avoiding ‘flystrike’, which is a potentially fatal condition. If you need help with any of this, call us on 01380 723687 to book an appointment.

We offer a full range of veterinary services for our rabbit patients, so if you have any questions or want a check-up you can always book your bunny to see one of our veterinary team, and we’ll help keep your pet in the best of health.

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