Mon 7th Aug 2023

Do you agree with Estcourt Vets’ favourite famous felines!

This month, we spoke to our nursing team at Estcourt Vets to find out their favourite famous cats! Dominating films, television adverts and cartoons, the following kitties are firm winners in the eyes of Estcourt Vets’ nurses.

Can you think of any other famous felines that didn’t make Estcourt Vets’ list? Why not share your own favourite famous cats on our Facebook page?

Share your favourite famous feline

  1. Garfield – A comic strip and cartoon character who is known for his love of lasagne and sarcastic humour.
  2. Tom – A cartoon cat who is the main antagonist in the Tom and Jerry cartoon series.
  3. Grumpy Cat – A cat who became famous on the internet for her permanently grumpy expression.
  4. Felix the Cat – A cartoon character who was first created in the 1910s and has since appeared in various forms of media.
  5. Lil Bub – A cat who became famous on the internet for her unique appearance and charming personality.
  6. Cheshire Cat – A character from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ known for his mischievous grin.
  7. Hello Kitty – A Japanese character created by Sanrio, known for her cute appearance and merchandise.
  8. Simba – A lion cub who is the main character in Disney’s ‘The Lion King.’
  9. Bagheera – A black panther who appears in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’ and various adaptations.
  10. Salem – A talking cat who appears in the television series ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch. ’

Famous cats are fantastic and fun, and we hope they make you smile too!

Now, back to the most special feline of all… your cat! Remember to ensure their preventative healthcare is up to date and they are a healthy weight.

We can help with this so why not book an appointment for your cat with our team at Estcourt Vets or contact us today for more advice? .

Did we miss any off the list? Share who your favourite famous cat is on our Facebook page and make our nursing team’s day!

Share your favourite famous cat

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