Sat 14th Oct 2023

Do you need to bring small furry pets indoors during firework season?

As firework season gets underway, it’s important we help our small furry pets to get through as stress-free as possible. If you have a small furry pet that normally lives outside, then read on to understand what Estcourt Vets’ nursing team advise owners to organise ahead of firework displays in Wiltshire.

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Why does my small furry pet need to come inside during firework season?

There are a number of reasons why our Devizes veterinary nurses recommend bringing your outdoor kept small furry pets inside when you know there will be firework displays. Once indoors, remember it is advised that you keep the curtains closed to shut out the bright lights and play soft background music or white noise to help drown out the sound of the fireworks.

1. Noise sensitivity

Small furry pets have highly sensitive hearing which helps them to avoid predators in the wild. Due to the loud, sudden noises produced by fireworks, it can be extremely distressing. Our vet nurses want Wiltshire pet owners to understand that exposure to loud noises can lead to anxiety and panic in small pets, which in turn then increases the risk of many life-threatening health conditions.

2. Your pet’s flight response

Your pet could be at risk of injury due to their natural ‘flight’ response. If your pet feels threatened or stressed, they could try to escape their cage/enclosure. Not only may they hurt themselves, but they could also become lost, becoming prey for other household pets or external animals, or potentially become involved in a road traffic accident.

3. Potential for injury

Fireworks can also cause physical harm to small animals. According our Devizes veterinary nurses, if they are near the launch area or somewhere where debris could potentially land in their enclosure, so it is essential you move them indoors. With the risk of fire, injury, smoke inhalation and more, it is safer to bring your pets inside and reduce the risk of firework related injuries.

4. Risk of predators

Large firework displays often involve food, which can attract predators to the area. With scraps of food, bright lights and noises drawing them closer, this poses a threat to small furry pets living outdoors in close proximity to Wiltshire firework displays.

5. Reduced comfort and security

Small pets rely on their own familiar environment for comfort and security – fireworks change this environment and disrupt their sense of safety. Making them safe and comfortable in an indoor cage would help keep them happy. If their current cage is too big to bring indoors, use familiar bedding, toys, and blankets so their indoor enclosure is like a home from home.

To discuss your own small furry pet with our team this firework season, contact Estcourt Vets on 01380 723687.

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