Sat 21st Oct 2023

Does your dog have a normal fear of fireworks or a noise phobia?

With firework season well underway, this often-stressful time may be useful in working out if your dog could have a noise phobia. Our team of dog loving vets at Estcourt Vets want owners to be aware that there is a fine line between a normal fear response and a noise phobia, that can vary between animals. Read Veterinary Surgeon James’ advice and talk to us about your dog’s reaction to fireworks.

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How do I know if my dog has a noise phobia?

Veterinary Surgeon James Carpenter wants Wiltshire dog owners to know that it is perfectly natural, if unsettling, for your dog to be scared of fireworks due to the sudden loud noises they create. However, your dog may have an actual phobia of noise if their fear response becomes excessive. Some signs to look for are:

  • Physical signs of stress, such as pacing, trembling or drooling
  • Attempting to hide or seek out a safe space during the event
  • Changes in habits – such as a change in appetite or going to the toilet in the house
  • Persistent fear and anxiety long after the event has ended
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Attempting to escape – this could lead to injury
  • Extreme fear and panic during firework displays, even if they are barely audible and distant

Help your pet cope with their noise phobia

Whilst firework displays are usually limited to certain times of year, if your dog’s noise phobia starts to affect them in their everyday life it is essential you contact Estcourt Vets for help. If household noises or television noises starts to worry them, it can impact their quality of life. Early intervention and appropriate management strategies can help to keep them happy and feeling safe so book an appointment at our Devizes surgery for your dog.

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