Mon 21st Aug 2023

How clever is your dog? Take our test!

September is a busy time for many parents as they get their kids ready for another term of school homework and tests. But what about pet parents? Do you regularly ‘school’ your canine companions and test their intelligence?

Here at Estcourt Vets, we understand just how smart dogs can be and not only that, most dogs are eager to learn and enjoy a challenge!

Our team have created the ultimate tests to really see just how clever your dogs are. Download our dog tests below:

Download our Clever Dog Tests

Why not let us know how your dog gets on? Share some photos or a video on our Facebook page – our favourites will be shared with other pet owners in Wiltshire!

Learning is fun!

Teaching your dog new tricks isn’t just good for boosting their cognitive skills, it’s also good for enrichment and fun. Dogs enjoy new challenges and pleasing their owners, especially for treats!

As well as our ‘not to be missed’ downloadable Clever Dog Tests, you might also like to spend quality time with your dog seeing how they get on with these skills:

  1. Basic obedience: Test your dog’s ability to follow commands such as sit, stay, come, and roll over. Dogs that are quick to learn and execute these basic commands are often more intelligent and trainable.
  2. Puzzle toys: Provide your dog with interactive puzzle toys that require problem-solving skills to access the treats or toys inside. Dogs that are able to figure out these toys quickly demonstrate good spatial awareness and cognitive flexibility.
  3. Social intelligence: Observe how your dog interacts with other dogs, animals and humans. Dogs that are able to communicate effectively and appropriately with others demonstrate strong social intelligence.
  4. Novelty response: Introduce your dog to new objects, sounds, or situations and observe how they react. Dogs that are curious and confident in new situations demonstrate strong cognitive flexibility and adaptability.

Remember that every dog is different. Some may excel with these tests whilst some may struggle – your dog’s uniqueness means that their intelligence can show in many different ways.

Use these tests as a fun way to play with your dog – don’t forget to download the PDF to share with other dog owners!

Download our Clever Dog Tests

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