Thu 5th Mar 2015

March Pet Of The Month – Harry

This month we are awarding ‘Pet Of The Month’ to Harry.

Harry is a 6 year old whippet who was brought into us at the beginning of February. He had been out walking with his owners along Quakers Walk when he was suddenly heard screaming. He was unable to put weight on his front leg and had some small cuts on his legs. We admitted him to our hospital and made him comfortable, gave him pain relief and x-rayed his leg. The x-rays confirmed what we had suspected! Harry had dislocated his carpus (wrist joint) and fractured the ulna bone (just above his wrist). We applied a support dressing and sent him home with pain relief as we needed to arrange for him to see an orthopaedic specialist.

Early the following week Harry was admitted to have his leg repaired at the specialist referral centre in Bath. He stayed there overnight and was sent home the following day. Since then he has had regular check ups with us to redress his leg which has a splint support on it – this will stay on for 6 weeks. Whippets notoriously lack bravery but Harry has been a very stoical patient and we think he now enjoys visiting us and gradually working through our colourful range of bandages which include chickens, sheep, tractors and leopard print! We all wish him a speedy recovery and hope he will be back to enjoying his long walks soon!


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