Sat 7th Oct 2023

Why book a pre-winter health check for your cat

Here at Estcourt Vets, we highly recommend booking your cat a pre-winter health check. To learn why, have a read of the article below from our Vet Scott Carpenter.

How will a pre-winter health check benefit my cat?

With the dark nights, cold temperatures and seasonal festivities, winter can prove to be a stressful season for your cat. Cats with health issues and senior felines will feel the winter season more than their younger counterparts, however, identifying health issues ahead of the cold will help ensure your pet is prepared for the months ahead. Scott advises that a pre-winter health check in autumn at Estcourt Vets may cover the following:

Discuss your cat’s dietary changes

Spending more time indoors during the colder months will mean your cat needs to eat fewer calories to avoid gaining too much weight. As their activity levels have decreased, our experienced cat-loving nurses can help determine your cat’s winter feed dosages and our team will also recommend any changes they believe could benefit them.

Health review & annual vaccinations

Winter is the season when your cat will be more susceptible to viral infections. Scott recommends that your cat is kept up-to-date with their cat flu immunisations – a health check appointment will allow your vet to discuss the benefits, check your cat’s clinical record and current health condition, and, if necessary, administer the vaccine.

Underlying health issues

Your cat could be suffering with an underlying health issue that may cause them pain once the temperatures drop. For example, arthritic cats will struggle more in colder weather so it’s a condition you may not notice in the runup to winter. If identified early, it will allow pain relief treatments to start ready for the cold weather to hit, so your cat’s symptoms can be managed effectively.

Dental checks

Dental health is essential all-year round, but your cat’s winter health check makes for the perfect opportunity for a dental exam. This will allow for prompt treatment ahead of the colder months and ensure your pet’s mouth is comfortable.

Parasite prevention

As owners, you want to make sure your cat is protected against fleas, ticks and internal parasites. Once it gets colder, they will undoubtedly be spending more time indoors with you, so if they’re not up to date with their parasite prevention you may find yourself with a flea infestation! Chat to our experienced team about what parasite prevention products we recommend at Estcourt Vets.

To book your cat a pre-winter health check, contact us on 01380 723687.

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